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A luxurious gold bracelet for men
Buy a men's gold bracelet that combines elegance and durability. Our selection of men's gold bracelets is made from high-quality materials to guarantee exceptional durability. These men's bracelets with large links seduce with their discreet, chic and virile appeal.

The gourmette is a luxury men's bracelet made of flattened links, usually arranged around a plate bearing an engraved inscription. Elegant and discreet, it will enhance any outfit and sublimate your wrist. You can also personalize this jewel as a gift for a loved one. Why not wear a pretty curb chain as a bracelet?

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, our steel bracelets are the perfect choice for men looking to add a touch of sophistication to their everyday look. Buy your men's yellow gold bracelet today and treat yourself, or give it as a unique gift to someone special.

Impeccable designs with the highest quality materials, gold models have always exerted an inimitable charm, the ultimate expression of masculine elegance to be worn every day: whatever you're looking for, one of the gold bracelets for men in our online boutique will satisfy you and make every moment truly unforgettable.

Gold bracelets remain one of the most attractive and interesting accessories for men and women today. They are so because they give an elegant and interesting look and are a complement that can be combined with almost any wardrobe and at the same time have great durability.

For men, gold bracelets that look very elegant never go out of fashion. Similarly, you can find rather thick men's gold bracelets that give a more robust and masculine look.

Choose from different types of gold bracelets
There's no special occasion for giving a fashionable piece of jewelry to your sweetie. Depending on the bracelet, the meaning may vary slightly, especially when it's customizable. It can be a fine, braided chain, or a more imposing, wide bracelet, more commonly referred to as a power bracelet.

We offer several different types of mesh: Venetian mesh, forçat mesh, twisted or rope mesh, fantasy mesh, snake mesh, horse mesh, figaro mesh, American mesh, curb chain mesh.

Often a sign of success, trendy bracelets for men dress up your wrist. The very masculine look of gold chain links will add a touch of manly distinction to your style.

We suggest you succumb to the charm of these bracelets made from 18-carat or 24-carat gold and stainless steel. In any case, a gold bracelet for men is a high-quality piece of jewelry that makes an ideal gift for any occasion. On our site, you'll find a multitude of products for both men and women, at all prices.

We also have bangle bracelets, with their rigid appearance, which are also a very simple choice when you want to give a bracelet as a gift.

Choose a gold coffee seed bracelet for men
We offer gold-plated coffee bean bracelets for men. The diameter of the coffee beans can be customized to suit your taste.

A wide choice of gold bracelets available in our boutique!
There are several types of gold bracelets for men. Link bracelets are the most common, featuring a series of interlocking links. Cuff bracelets are wider and feature a single metal band that wraps around the wrist.

When it comes to style, there are several popular options for men's gold-plated bracelets. Classic styles feature simple designs and are perfect for everyday wear and remain timeless. Contemporary styles feature more complex patterns and are perfect for special occasions. Vintage styles feature antique motifs and are perfect for those who want a unique look.

Looking for a very masculine and refined piece of jewelry at a reasonable price? Adopt this elegant gourmette bracelet with a rounded tip, it will add a touch of discreet refinement to your wrists.

Express your personality with a personalized men's bracelet
Choose a personalized bracelet for men that reflects your unique style and personality. Our collection of personalized gold bracelets for men lets you choose from a variety of styles and, thanks to lobster clasps, adjust their sizes.

A personalized bracelet is fitted with a clasp, or more precisely, a buckle that enables it to fit perfectly on your handle. Personalize it with a first name, a date or a short message of love. There's no need to spend a fortune on a luxury gift for your sweetheart.

This collection reveals all the bracelets and charms we have to offer. Depending on the item you choose, you can personalize the front and/or back.

An engraved bracelet will accompany you throughout your life and will remain totally unique with its personal engraving. At les gourmettes françaises jewelry store, you can choose from our collections of trendy, customizable jewelry.

You can personalize your men's gold-plated jewelry with personal engravings, important dates or meaningful symbols. Made from quality materials, our personalized gold bracelets for men are durable and elegant, and will make an individual fashion statement. Most of our personalized bracelets are adjustable, as they feature lobster clasps.

Buy your adjustable engraved bracelet for men now and wear your story on your wrist. Having your personalized bracelet engraved is a great way to give a man the right piece of jewelry, to please him and show your regard for him.

The most common is to engrave his bracelet with his first name.

If you're looking for other bracelets for men, take a look at our collection of silver bracelets to suit every style and occasion.