925 silver bracelet adorned with green zircons
925 silver bracelet adorned with green zircons

925 silver bracelet adorned with green zircons

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A 925 silver bracelet adorned with zircons

An elegant and timeless piece, this elaborate bracelet in 925 silver is adorned with a semi-precious stone, zircon. Nothing to do with monolithic zirconia crown , Zircon is a silicate mineral composed of zirconium , silicon and oxygen , used as a gemstone and in various industrial applications.

A robust and sober bracelet

This bracelet for women consists of a sturdy sterling silver chain closed by a secure lobster clasp which guarantees a solid closure and long service life. The green stone sways with each movement, with its transparency and green color ideally enhanced by 925 silver.

An honor for women

This silver bracelet is an excellent gift for women who love elegance. With its finesse and light weight, it proudly accompanies the movements, whether it is a dance movement or on the occasion of a party or an important event. Its curves adapt to most clothing styles, and it will dress up your look in a subtle and refined way.


  • The size of this bracelet is varies from 15cm to 20cm.
  • This bracelet is made of 925 silver, sterling silver, it means the composition of this bracelet is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This alloy is made because silver is too soft a metal. It is also adorned with green zircons with a diameter of 3mm.
  • Materials are carefully chosen to last.
  • This silver bracelet closes with a clasp.